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by Jason Sanders on January 19, 2011

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qrcodeAnyone finding this site as a result of a QR Code is entitled to a 25% discount on media marketing services. Are you using video to promote your business? Well, now is your chance!

Just present the original advertisement containing the QR Code to redeem your discount!

Act fast because this offer is only good for services scheduled (not necessarily shot) before Feb 15 2011.

Oh, yeah…and it was great meeting and networking with you!


If you didn’t know it was there, you might drive right by The Clip Joint, a Barber Shop and Beauty Salon and fixture of Merchantville NJ for more than 40 years. But then again, if you didn’t know it’s there, you must be new in town. That’s OK, though. Come on in and get your haircut. Spend a little time in this quaint little establishment and you’ll get to know a large swath of the community.

If you’re waiting for your turn in the chair, don’t be surprised to see folks pop their heads in just to say hi to Al, the owner, or one of the girls: Jackie, Alexis, Chris or Laurie. Everyone is friendly and it seems like the whole town loves The Clip Joint Crew.

Al is proud of The Clip Joint’s diversity. “We can do any kind of haircut,” he tells me, “Guys and Girls, Moms and Dads, Grandmoms and Grandpops….We even do hip-hop! We’re a Beauty Salon and a Barber Shop. We do it all.” But I can tell that Al really loves cutting kids hair. “We even have first time haircut certificates for the kids!” He proudly proclaims, holding up a memento that will no doubt soon be filled out and hanging on some proud parent or grandparents wall. After 42 years, I wonder how many first time haircut certificates he’s filled out for proud parents? “Probably more than I can count.” He responds with an infectious smile.

After more than 40 years people have moved in and out of Merchantville NJ. Kids have grown up, some staying in town, others moving to the outlying communities of Maple Shade, Cinnaminson, Pennsauken and Cherry Hill, but many of them keep coming back to The Clip Joint to get their haircut. In the hour I spent there, I met two repeat customers that have been getting their haircut at The Clip Joint for more than 25 years. That’s a testimony to the people and professionalism of The Clip Joint.

So whether you’ve never heard of The Clip Joint, or you’ve been there before, Al asked me to give you a message: “Come on in and get your haircut!”

The Clip Joint
107 S. Centre St.
Merchantville, NJ 08109



After laying the groundwork for our Google Optimization Project, by creating a kick ass video and a sweeeeet custom google map to highlight The Clip Joint in Merchantville NJ, now it’s time to find the best ways to introduce this compelling content to potential customers.  The best way to do that is to have content about your business appear on the first page of Google search results for topics that relate to your business.  As I revealed in the first post in this series, Al, the owner of The Clip Joint didn’t feel it was really necessary to market to his home town of Merchantville NJ.  After being a fixture in the community for over 40 years, he felt comfortable that most of the residents of Merchantville know that he’s there and where to find The Clip Joint.

So Al and I began talking about the geographic areas that he would like to target.  He mentioned that he already gets some business from the surrounding communities of Cherry Hill, Maple Shade, Pennsauken, and Cinnaminson and it would probably be good to focus on those areas.  I encouraged him to focus on his two highest priority areas and he picked Cherry Hill and Pennsauken as the focus of this campaign.  Now it was time to discuss the search terms or keywords that he wanted to target.

It’s a tricky thing trying to guess the exact phraseology that a potential customer might type into Google in order to find a solution to their problem.  In Al’s case, we figured that “Hair Salon”, “Barber Shop”, and “Haircut(s)” were probably the most applicable.  Since Al chose to target the rather large communities of Pennsauken and Cherry Hill, I suggested seeing how much competition there was around the combination of search terms that we were considering.  It’s important that you choose a winnable battle.  The terms “Barber Shop” and “Hair Salon” were not impossible, but they were very competitive in the two locations that we were working in.

Ultimately Al chose to target the key phrase “haircut(s)”.  Armed with his input I went to work.

Remember, Al and The Clip Joint are in a category that might seem foreign to us techy types, but is still pretty common in the real business world…especially among small to medium sized businesses: They have virtually no web presence.  There is no Clip Joint Blog or Website (as I write this….but that could very well change soon).  The cool part is that isn’t stopping TVPG Labs from assisting them with internet marketing.  For Al, I chose to feature his business on my ActiveRain blog under the posts:

Cherry Hill Haircuts
Looking For A Haircut In Pennsauken?

I chose my ActiveRain Blog as the Vehicle for this project, because it gets excellent SEO results, especially around local content.  In the future though, I’ll probably use this blog.  Another good alternative for a business without a web presence would be a Squidoo Lens.

Within a week we had accomplished our objectives and more.  Al was grinning from ear to ear.  We were able to achieve first page Google ranking organically for the following search terms (click the links for verification).

Cherry Hill Haircut

Cherry Hill Haircuts

Haircut in Cherry Hill

Haircuts in Cherry Hill

Pennsauken Haircut

Pennsauken Haircuts

Haircut in Pennsauken

Haircuts in Pennsauken

Pennsauken Barber Shop

Haircut in Cinnaminson

Cinnaminson Haircut

Since we had such great results in this Google Optimization Project through just 2 blog posts, Al had to agree that it would probably be worth it for him to start a Clip Joint Blog.  With consistent posting, I have no doubt that he could eventually dominate all the relating search terms to his business throughout his local geographic area.  I suggested that he start a photo blog and post before and after shots of his clients and articles about community events (Merchantville NJ has some great community events.).

Because blogging generates consistent new content on a single or closely related topic(s), it provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that cannot be matched by a static website for a small to medium sized business.  Al is considering starting his new blog on The Value Pages Group.  If you’re looking to get into blogging, The Value Pages Group deserves consideration.  In addition to our incredible business networking platform, we offer a free blog optimized for search engines by Thesis, the gold standard in the blogging community.  This is a temporary and probably limited time offer, so strike while it’s on the table.  Go ahead, Contact Us.


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If you’ve been effective in creating content that generates interest in your business from potential customers, you’re well on your way to executing a successful internet marketing strategy. Now you need to make sure that your potential customer has all the crucial information about your business.

Through Google Maps API, TVPG Labs can now create a custom map to feature your business. You wouldn’t want your potential customers to get lost on their way to come see you! There are an incredible amount of options when making a custom map for your business. If your business has multiple locations, or if you’re a part of a local business community that refers business back and forth between its members (like The Value Pages Group), all locations can be represented in a single map. To make a striking impression with potential clients, you can include pictures, videos, and website links in the business description, in addition to your address, phone number and business hours. You could place your satisfied customers on the map along with their testimonial (video or written) in the description.  You’re really only limited by your own creativity.

Check out the custom map we did for The Clip Joint – To the right, above the sidebar (If you can’t see the map, please click on the title of this blog post).  Make sure you click on the comb and scissors icon to open the business description!  If you like what you see and would like to adopt this strategy to your internet marketing plan, contact us to discuss details.


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As you may have read in the first post of this series, TVPG Labs can help your businesses be found by potential customers who are looking for the solutions that your business provides. After my initial meeting with Al, the owner of The Clip Joint in Merchantville NJ, we agreed to meet up the following Tuesday for me to shoot a video highlighting his business. I’d love to read your thoughts on the video -- Leave me a comment!

The right video is a great foundation for an internet marketing strategy. A video can convey a lot of intangibles to a potential customer that you could never communicate through words alone. This medium will allow you to give your clients a feel for your personality and the character, or ambiance of your business. It’s impossible to appeal to every single individual, but by being yourself, and not holding back, you can appeal strongly to a key group of people who can relate to who you are, what you like, your sense of humor and your values. If you create a strong enough impression, you’ll pull in new customers -- guaranteed.

If you like the video that we produced for The Clip Joint, and are interested in making a video to promote your business, TVPG Labs can help. We can arrange to shoot at your location, or if distance is a factor, we can take on a consulting and or editing role to get you a video that showcases your business and provides appeal while generating interest from your potential customers for a reasonable fee.

If you would like to talk in detail about what TVPG Labs can do to help you grow your business, contact us.



I’ve known Al from The Clip Joint for close to 10 years. He was one of the first people I talked to about my Google optimization idea. In a lot of ways Al is an ideal client. He’s owned his business for over 40 years. He has great business sense, but he’s been hesitant to update to the internet age.

When I swung by and spoke to him about my ideas he was very receptive. He agreed that hardly anyone uses the phone book anymore to find what they’re looking for. He realized that most people are turning to Google for solutions to their problems, and he also recognized that he wasn’t on Google to be found. He thought he might be, but a quick Google search from my iPhone revealed that he was nowhere to be found. Up until now, his business really hasn’t had the need for a website, and Al hasn’t wanted to spend the time and resources to put one together (As I write this, he may be changing his mind about that though.)

As we brainstormed, it became apparent to me that his business was already a fixture in his small south jersey community of Merchantville. Al agreed that everyone in Merchantville knows who he is and how to find him and that his marketing dollars would probably be better spent drawing in customers from the adjacent larger towns of Pennsauken and Cherry Hill. With that goal in mind, Al provided a couple of key search phrases that he would like to be placed under, and we scheduled a time for me to come back and shoot a short video of his business. Our plan is to use that video in a variety of Social Media applications and also create a Google Map featuring his business.

When TVPG Labs gets done working it’s magic, Al should have first page Google ranking for the keywords that he chose to represent his business. Check back soon for an update and the results of our Google Optimization Project.